“unique combination of locally influenced beats, internationally inspired sounds and unmatchable energy … her sound is distinct: part deep, part minimal, part tech house, she’s known for her sneaky infusion of jazzy samples and grungy, eclectic allure.” – Emma RobertsonLittle-City.ca

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“It’s hard to describe the vibe she lays down but it’s truly solid, intelligent and ridiculously rooted in the deep. … I’ll attempt to describe her unique sound which podcasts can’t do justice to – you need to peep it live: she keeps you in the pocket, carrying the perfect balance between ass shakin grimy & delicately beautiful. It’s like sex.” – NOBLE (www.noblenyc.com)

:: bio ::
Esther Benoit (Toronto/Montreal, CA) made her energetic debut as dj e.steria at Salon Pearl’s NYE 2010 event, let her flair for the dramatic mark the local scene, and she has been spinning regularly since. Most influenced by local Canadian artists and the underground sounds of Berlin and NYC, Esther mixes a combination of minimal, deep and tech house: ranging from light, funky and playful to shamelessly deep and dirty. She loves to combine fresh, urban, electronic sound with eclectic, grungy and international sounds. In the short time since her emergence in the electronic music scene, Esther has played at a variety of Montreal & Toronto venues with some of Canada’s best talent. More recently, she’s become known as the host dj & producer of the increasingly popular online radio show Rebel Mix, broadcasted weekly on Techno.FM.  Having made her first NYC appearance at TBA in 2014, she’s most enthusiastic about exploring new venues, taking risks, and further refining her unique sound and vibe.
“watching her play and hearing the vibe she lays down with her beats brought only one word to my mind: unapologetic. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s leaving no one untouched. fuckyeah.” –Christine Noble

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Esther
    Shaun here from South Africa
    I can’t believe how much I love your show
    When a hear your into my heart fucking sings and Quality is insane and beats are amazing and you do that because you love the beat/music/tec

    Let me know how a can listen live if possible .

    Thanks for all the hours ….it’s never enough .

    Thanks Shaun

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